Joha Primitivo

Joha Primitivo

Cristiano Guttarolo


One of the most consistently interesting winemakers in Puglia, this is a fantastic introduction to his style of Primitivo. Don't expect big, heavy reds, Cristiano is Southern Italian through and through, but uses his unique terroir to craft wines of purity, playfulness and balance. Fermented for six days on the skins, before being pressed off to vat to rest until the following spring. Unfiltered and no sulphur added.

A blend of Primitivo and a rare and unknown grape of the region, Susumaniello, expect notes of wildflowers, black and blue fruits and earth. Simply delicious.


Primitivo, Susumaniello
Puglia, Italy
Cristiano Guttarolo

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Cristiano Guttarolo

Cristiano Guttarolo’s vineyards are worlds away the plains which often produce hot, flabby wines. On a plateau of limestone some 400 metres above sea level, they benefit from the unique climate in which they live. Daytime temperatures are cooler than usual thanks to a strong breeze from the sea, while the site’s elevation offers a fluctuation between day and night temperatures, allowing the grapes to ripen fully while retaining freshness and finesse.

Joha Primitivo
Joha Primitivo
Joha Primitivo
Joha Primitivo
Joha Primitivo
Joha Primitivo

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