Socaire Chiclana

Socaire Chiclana

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100% Palomino from 30/40 yo vines, fermented and aged in old fino sherry barrels for 2 years. Very small production, all process is handmade and the wine is Organic & Unfiltered.

 Primitivo Collantes "Socaire" 2018 Chiclana from Andalusia, Spain. A fantastic new entry from a land known for Sherry, Chiclana (one of the sub regions in the "Jerez' s triangle")

The Ethos behind this cuvée was to showcase the terroir from this little parcel of only 1.7 hectares, and it's peculiarities; which includes proximity to the ocean, Albariza Tajon soils and a particular position where the vines are protected from the Eastern and Western winds Levante & Poniente that regularly hit this wine region.

Tasting Notes include: coffee, toffee and toasted almonds on the nose with delicate white fruits on the palate.