Khalina 2019

Khalina 2019

Domaine Mada


Edouard Adam, the man behind Domaine Mada is not afraid of taking risks and experimenting new winemaking styles, intriguing blends or un-hortodox techniques and at the centre of it all is where we find Khalina: somewhere between a light red, an orange and a rose is a co-fermented blend of Clairette Blanche (white grape) and Grenache Noir ( red grape) fermented and aged in oak barrel.

The result is a super drinkable fun light bodied wine gifted with plenty of character. Perfect for parties, snacking, adventurous fish/ veggie pairings from Dusk till Dawn!


Wine profile: Some pleasant hints of the oak influence here and there. Vanilla, cinnamon, sandalwood and citrus peel under a sea of warm red berries.

Serve lightly Chilled.

Clairette, Grenache
Languedoc-Roussillon, France
Domaine Mada

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