Le Casot des Mailloles, Comax Ethylix, Banyuls 2016

Le Casot des Mailloles, Comax Ethylix, Banyuls 2016

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Producer: Le Casot des Mailloles

Region: Banyuls, France

Vintage: 2011

Grapes: Syrah + Marsanne

Style: Red

Body: Medium - full

ABV: 13.5%


Farming: Organic

Vegan? : Yes

The wine geeks amongst you might known Banyuls for it’s dessert wines but there is a lot more to this small wine region. It’s often overlooked by big wine producers because of it’s difficult terrains and extreme weather fluctuations but these characteristics are also what makes it a very interesting area to grow high quality fruit. Steep vineyards (we’re talking potentially mortal level of steep!) with deep mineral rich soils blown by heavy winds, scorching hot days and cool nights.

All this trouble pays off in the form of the finished product. A Syrah + Marsanne blend with a character we rarely see around: Extremely fresh, medium bodied with the deepest black/blue berries, present tannins and a feeling of something which is very much wild and alive.