The Complete Xmas Day Bangers Box

The Complete Xmas Day Bangers Box

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Yes, it's nearly that time again, merry xmas and happy new year to one and all. 

This box of vinous goodies has been carefully put together by the team at the Wine Store to make sure your Xmas day is complete and you and your loved ones are properly watered throughout the day! 

Kicking off breakfast with a delightful sparkling, followed by a killer Manzanilla sherry (pair with some olives for that extra zing!) these two bangers should set up nicely before luncheon starts in earnest. 

Then we've got a delightful riesling to help wash the starter down. Followed by a smokey pinot with that big roasted bird. But we've left nothing to chance, as we know you're a thirsty bunch, so as a festive back up we've chucked in a killer Montepulciano to wash down that final mouthful of pigs in blankets. 

To aid the passage of the Xmas pud and cheese course as smoothly as possible, we've nailed it with a superb port from the legendary Dirk Niepoort. Happy... hic.... Xmas. 

Much love, the Wine Store team x x x

Please note: We hand select the content of each box, so variations will occur. We always do our best to cater for preferences, but cannot guarantee them. 

*Bottles pictured may not be the wines you receive. Dependent on stock availability.